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Marc Falcone  方馬可
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           Marc Falcone was born in Mulhouse, France. He entered at Mulhouse conservatory where he studied piano with Marthe Muscheller and Jean Boucly. He studied also harmony and counterpoint with Madeleine Will and Maurice Moerlen, music analyze with Michel Reydellet, and double bass with Patrick Fegele. Marc then continued his piano studies at Strasbourg conservatory with Hélène Boschi, harmony with Odile Charvet, studied also piano accompaniment and reduction with Charles Schwartz, and also studied singing with Elisabeth Dillenschneider.
           After obtaining the 1st Prize of Piano and other prizes at Strasbourg conservatory, Marc has given most of his recitals in Hong Kong and China. His favorite composers are Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart and Liszt, but Marc also enjoys playing pieces like Rachmaninov’s 3rd concerto.
           Marc made his first recording in 1989, a recording titled “Carillon Music Box melodies”. This was the first music box recording available on the market, and because of his great success, Marc then produced other volumes which thousands of copies were sold.
           Apart from his musical activities, Marc is a photographer, a writer and a pilot. He is married with Portia Choi, Soprano.
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