Everybody, especially babies and Children love the sound of music box. But since it was created, the only way to listen to the music box is to wind it up or pull a string every 30 seconds, and the melody was limited to only some notes.
	In 1989, Marc FALCONE, French pianist, used a digital piano connected with some extra instruments to record music box melodies on CDs, performing like a music box, but without any mechanical limitations.
	Since then, there are a lot of imitation products available on the market, but they are only mediocre imitations. There are also counterfeit CDs made by the French company FGL Productions S.A. that not only unscrupulously copied the musical works from the original CDs, but also forged the artwork of the CDs covers, and then have the artist name Marc Falcone withdrawn, adding crime over crime.
The volume 1 was originally recorded for babies and children. This volume was the first music box recording CD available in the market. When it was displayed for the first time at a fair, all young and old enjoyed it very much.
The volume 2 is most romantic, it contains a lot of Neapolitan songs such as "Santa Lucia", "O sole mio", and some unforgettable classic pieces. The last one, the Mozart's 2nd movement of piano concerto K 467, is one of the most soothing and pleasant melodies.
The volume 3 consists of Christmas melodies. It is an ideal recording that will enhance the festive ambience of Christmas and may make your Christmas tree sing.
The volume 4 and 5 comprises melodies of hymns. The simplicity and regularity of these melodies will give you a feeling of peace and joy.
Carillon Volume 2 imageMusic Box Melodies Volume 2
Volume 1 imageMusic Box Melodies Volume 1
Carillon volume 3 imageMusic Box Melodies Volume 3
Carillon Volume 4 imageMusic Box Melodies Volume 4
Carillon Volume 5 imageMusic Box Melodies Volume 5

Marc Falcone’s CD

Carillon Music Box Melodies

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